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Mar. 05, 2000

And what, to my wondering ears, should appear...

...but a bunch of CDs in the mail!

Terraplane - Back to Innocence.
  9 tracks recorded at the NEC Arena, Birmingham, Jan 23, 1985.
   6 tracks recorded at Hayrair, New Castle, Feb 7, 1986.
   It's most definitely Terraplane (pre-Thunder), there's
   no mistaking that, but unfortunately, like most bootlegs,
   the sound quality is absolutely horrendous. *sigh*

Sieges Even - Steps. 1990. Steamhammer (Germany).
   *YAWN* A CD in search of a chorus. Too much progressive
   aimless wandering. This one gets punted.

Big Chill - Halfway to Heaven. 1992. Music For Nations.
   Well, the band photo implies a heavy metal/thrash metal
   sound. The first thing you hear are light and fluffy keyboards.
   Huh??? It turns out to be fairly solid hard rock with 
   your occasional keyboard interlude/overlay that leans
   toward something lighter.

Ghost - The Other Side. 1996. A2Z Records.
   Some excellent AOR here, although at times the vocals seem
   a little "pinched". Track 8 "He'll Let You Down" is just HUGE!

Ghandi - Grateful Message. 1990. Metal Giant Records.
   Some good ole' '80s heavy metal with nice high-pitched vocals.
   I like it! Well executed, it sometimes retreats into

FISC - Handle With Care. 1988. Musidisc (France).
   Jimmy Martin. Why do I know that name?? Is this the same
   person that did "Kids of the Rockin' Nation"? Decent
   AOR/hard rock. You can tell this was a European release:
   the cover art would NEVER have made it past U.S. censors.


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