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Best of Jean Claude van Damme (1991)

Record Label: Silva Screen/Edel (Germany) SIL 5092-2


  1. Fight to Survive (Bloodsport) - Paul Delph
  2. The Lady's Apartment (Lionheart)
  3. Main Title (Cyborg)
  4. Kumite (Bloodpsort)
  5. Atlanta Rumble (Cyborg)
  6. Lionheart (Lionheart)
  7. Flashbacks from the Cross (Cyborg)
  8. Fight the Brazilian (Lionheart)
  9. On My Own Alone (Bloodsport) - Paul Delph
  10. Fight the Scot (Lionheart)
  11. Triumph (Bloodsport)
  12. Rejected Score Suite (Cyborg)

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