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Last updated Sun Jun 29 02:12:32 2014

What is CD Sniper?

Easy answer: CDSniper.Com is the web site for my CD collection. I am a compulsive CD addict, forever searching for obscure and out-of-print AOR, hard rock, and heavy metal CDs, with the occasional foray into '80s pop. You'll also find my collection of over 1,000 CD singles.

You'll find my collection list here, as well as my wantlist and CDs I have available for trade or sale. You can see my collection sorted alphabetically by artist, or by date of acquisition (most recent first). By clicking on the disc name, you'll be able to see more information about the disc and cover art (assuming I've gotten around to scanning it).

Also, you'll find my collection of CD singles, EPs, and promo-only releases.

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