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I hunt, seek, dumpster-dive, and scrounge for rare and import CDs in and around central Illinois and Indiana. I hit many small towns within an approximate 120-mile radius of where I live, scouring new and used CD stores, pawn shops, outlet malls, etc., forever in search of AOR, hard rock, and metal CDs to add to my collection. I try to concentrate on obscure and minor-label releases. I try to hit all the "feeding holes" every 2 months or so. Each time I return from a day's expedition (or if I get a large batch of CDs in the mail) I'll write up a litle report on what I found, as well as what I may have experienced on the way to and from, hence "The Scrounger's Report".

Mar. 04, 2006.  The Spring Has Sprung! Scrounger's Report
Jul. 01, 2005.  The F*ck You, Opec! Scrounger's Report
May 19, 2005.  The Back from the Dead Scrounger's Report
May 11, 2004.  The Where the Hell You Been? Scrounger's Report
Dec. 23, 2003.  The Coal in Yer Stocking Scrounger's Report
Nov. 27, 2003.  The Toot Your Own Horn Scrounger's Report
Jul. 03, 2003.  The Hotter Than Hell Scrounger's Report
May 23, 2003.  The Re-Employed Scrounger's Report
May 11, 2003.  The Almost Jobless Scrounger's Report
Feb. 01, 2003.  The White Knuckle Scrounger's Report
Jan. 03, 2003.  The tit for tat Scrounger's Report
Dec. 26, 2002.  The I Got Yer Yule Log Right HERE Scrounger's Report
Sep. 28, 2002.  The Return of the Scrounger's Report!
Feb. 24, 2002.  The Windy City Scrounger's Report
Feb. 10, 2002.  The Hotter Than Hell Scrounger's Report
Feb. 03, 2002.  The Happy Birthday to Me Scrounger's Report
Dec. 28, 2001.  The Wasted Time, Wasted Miles Scrounger's Report
Dec. 23, 2001.  The Merry Effin' Christmas Scounger's Report
Dec. 16, 2001.  The Deja Vu All Over Again Scrounger's Report
Dec. 01, 2001.  The Blasphemous Mini Scrounger's Report
Nov. 21, 2001.  The Hoosier Daddy? Scrounger's Report
Nov. 04, 2001.  What a beautiful day for... you guessed it.
Oct. 31, 2001.  An Amazingly Obscure Scrounger's Report
Oct. 20, 2001.  A thrashingly good Scrounger's Report
Oct. 19, 2001.  My Sentinel Steel order.
Sep. 29, 2001.  The Better Than Average Scrounger's Report
Aug. 25, 2001.  The Laboring Too Much Before Labor Day Scrounger's Report
Jul. 21, 2001.  A CCM Treasure Trove
Jul. 20, 2001.  The Lazy-Ass-Wait-for-CDs Scrounger's Report
Jul. 07, 2001.  The Out-Of-Print Scrounger's Report
Jun. 25, 2001.  Rode Hard and Put Away Wet Scrounger's Report
Apr. 07, 2001.  The (not just morally) Bankrupt Scrounger's Report v.37
Apr. 01, 2001.  The Bartering Scrounger's Report v.36
Mar. 10, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report - Pissed Off Edition
Mar. 02, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report - Mini Edition
Mar. 01, 2001.  The Mini Metal Scrounger's Report.
Feb. 17, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report - Special Edition
Feb. 14, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report, v.33
Feb. 01, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report, v.32.
Jan. 20, 2001.  The Scrounger's Report, v. 31.
Jan. 05, 2001.  The mailman wants me dead.
Nov. 22, 2000.  Twice in one week??? Aww, come on now!
Nov. 18, 2000.  It's a Constitutional Crisis!!!... I Think I'll Go CD Shopping.
Nov. 10, 2000.  A frightening statistic and some new discs...
Nov. 04, 2000.  The Scrounger's Report, Vol. 39.
Oct. 13, 2000.  Jumpin' Jehosephat! It's Christmas!!
Oct. 08, 2000.  Hmmm... weekend. Nice day. Must be time for some CD shopping...
Sep. 09, 2000.  Cousin Toothy Headbangs... 37 bystanders injured... lawsuits pending.
Aug. 25, 2000.  Beautiful day. Slow at the office. Must be time for CD hunting...
Aug. 12, 2000.  Too many CDs, too little time...
Jul. 24, 2000.  The Scrounger's Report (v1.3)
Jul. 03, 2000.  Sergeant Scrounger reporting for duty, Sir!
Jun. 16, 2000.  I am *SO* [CENSORED] broke
Jun. 02, 2000.  A few of the discs I got at UltraSound 2K.
May 19, 2000.  Checkbook in traction...
May 13, 2000.  The tastes, how they are a-changin'
May 06, 2000.  Who said nothing ever came out of Eastern Europe but communism?
May 05, 2000.  Return to the Valley of the Inbred
Apr. 29, 2000.  Sam Spade, CD Hunter.
Apr. 15, 2000.  Stock market got ya down? Invest in CDs!!
Apr. 10, 2000.  There are bootlegs and then there are BOOTLEGS!!
Apr. 06, 2000.  Turn your head and cough, rolling dice, and of course CDs.
Mar. 31, 2000.  Level 5 Scrounger spell: Recharge Tradelist (8 spell points)
Mar. 30, 2000.  Today's Arrivals
Mar. 29, 2000.  DigScroungeRummageScroungeDigDigScroungeRummageDig
Mar. 25, 2000.  I came. I saw. I purchased.
Mar. 18, 2000.  Damn this addiction!
Mar. 17, 2000.  Porno mags and used CDs. Is there a causal relationship?
Mar. 05, 2000.  And what, to my wondering ears, should appear...
Mar. 02, 2000.  Aww nuts...not this moron *again*??!!!
Mar. 01, 2000.  Listen up all you CCM fans...
Feb. 26, 2000.  Somebody dial 9-1-1!! My credit card and checkbook are burning!!
Jan. 26, 2000.  Esotericus Bargainbinia Absurdum
Jan. 12, 2000.  My Gawd! The local shoppes actually had some decent stuff.
Dec. 28, 1999.  Self-flagellation ain't my thang, so.... (LONG)
Nov. 10, 1999.  What? *Another* spending binge?
Nov. 09, 1999.  And The Lord Smiled Down Upon the Lowly CD Scrounger....
Oct. 27, 1999.  These just in...
Oct. 18, 1999.  Oh what a dry spell it's been!
Sep. 30, 1999.  When all else fails, go with the classics...
Aug. 29, 1999.  Mergers and Acquisitions....well Acquisitions at least.
Aug. 21, 1999.  Mauling at the Mall
Aug. 17, 1999.  Yesterday's Discs.
Aug. 07, 1999.  What, you went CD shopping *AGAIN*??? Sheesh....
Aug. 01, 1999.  A Journey Behind the Cheddar Curtain
Jul. 08, 1999.  All in all not a bad day (LONG)
Jun. 12, 1999.  An interesting, mostly analog, day
Jun. 09, 1999.  Dumpster diving AGAIN?
Jun. 02, 1999.  The stuff I got in yesterday...
May 16, 1999.  Not a bad week, musically speaking.
May 11, 1999.  Damn, I need to win the lottery....*sigh*
Apr. 27, 1999.  Post-shipment depression
Apr. 23, 1999.  Not a bad day.
Apr. 04, 1999.  Sometimes gambles pay off..and sometimes they don't.
Mar. 23, 1999.  More CDs??? Oy.
Mar. 13, 1999.  Something Inbred This Way Comes or You spent HOW much???
Feb. 27, 1999.  Eclectic = dunnowhatthefuckIwannalistento
Feb. 12, 1999.  A funny thing happened on the way to the fleamarket...
Feb. 02, 1999.  Whine, She Said....and other stuff.
Jan. 24, 1999.  Lions and Tigers and Imports! Oh My!
Jan. 08, 1999.  It's Snowing, new CDs, time to hunker down and listen.
Oct. 07, 1998.  Expectations, Fate, and Irony
Oct. 02, 1998.  Road trips, CD shopping, porn....the usual.
Sep. 14, 1998.  Oy, have I been remiss or what???

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