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Bon Jovi

These Days

Category: Hard Rock

Year: 1996

Label: Mercury Records (Japan)

Catalog Number: PHCR-3038

2-CD set.


Disc 1
1.  These Days edit  4:34
2.  (It's hard) Letting You Go live  6:34
3.  Rocking in the Free World live  5:51
4.  Helter Skelter live  3:23
5.  Hey God live  7:18
6.  These Days live  5:57
Total Running Time:  33:37
Disc 2
1.  These Days radio edit  4:32
2.  634-5789  3:09
3.  Rocking in the Free World live  5:52
4.  (It's Hard) Letting You Go Live  6:43
Total Running Time:  20:16

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