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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 29, 2000


Payday. Means bargain binning. What else could it mean?

A couple from the 50-cent bin:

Red 7 - When the Sun Goes Down. 1987. MCA Records.
   A friend had this. I don't recall it being that memorable,
   but for 50 cents I'm willing to find out...

Canadian Brass - Christmas With the Canadian Brass. 1981. RCA Records.
   Having played the trumpet for 8 years I still enjoy listening
   to brass stuff from time to time. This one looked (and apparently
   is) way out of print.

Word to videophiles: DVDs appear to be showing up at pawn shops
with increasing regularity. One of the shops I stopped at had a
whole bunch that were still sealed that they were selling for
$12.50 each, 3 for $30. I snagged Starship Troopers, Star Trek:
Insurrection, and the new animated Disney Tarzan all for $30. Bonus.

A couple of discs that I paid full retail for ($11.99-13.99) that
were still sealed in long boxes and blister paks:

Guardian - Fire and Love. 1990. Word/Pakaderm Records.
   I traded my copy away a while back, so I decided to replace it.
   One of their best efforts.

Gary Moore - Live At the Marquee. 1987. Castle Communications (France).

G-Force - S/T. 1985. Jet Records (United Kingdom).
   I have the Castle 2-on-1 which includes this album, but I'd never seen
   the actual single-disc version...

Lastly, a used disc that intrigued me, just because it's...well...

Wild - Wild 1. 1988. CBS Records.
   How do I describe this...."Billy Idol meets L.A. Guns"?
   It's not the greatest thing in the world, but it looked
   kinda interesting. Would appeal to glam fans....also has
   that "extremely OOP" look.

Till I scrounge again...


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