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Jan. 24, 1999

Lions and Tigers and Imports! Oh My!

This being the first weekend without pro football, I was
bored shitless, so I decided to head off to a CD store
I hadn't gone to in about a year (Note to self: don't
wait a whole year before going again, you moron!).

I picked up a bunch of stuff, the most expensive being $8.
Lotsa weird imports, all new still sealed, so there's no
opportunity to listen before purchase.

This place has a VERY eclectic selection of cutouts (the
whole reason for going). Most of the stuff I got was
stuff I'd never heard of, from groups I'd never heard of,
that just looked intriguing. The gambles all paid off;
there's not a bad CD in the bunch...

1. Fair Warning - Save Me (EP). 1997. Japanese Import.
   I already had this, but Marko needed a copy. It's
   got 2 tracks that aren't found elsewhere. Not bad
   for $3.50.

2. Autograf - Tear Down the Border. 1991.
   I'd heard about this every now and then; Russian
   AOR/hard rock band. Heavily accented vocals, but
   not too bad.

3. Golden Earring - N.E.W.S. 1984.
   I've been on a GE kick lately. This is solid stuff.

4. Lenita Erickson - S/T. 1996. German Import
   This is an MTM release; the thing that sparked my
   interest was a sticker on the front: "Featuring
   Paul Stanley of KISS, Eddie Money". It's somewhat
   Lita Ford-esque. Not bad.

5. Air Supply - Love and Other Bruises. 1977.
   I'd never seen this one before. What intrigued me
   is that there's not a SINGLE song on here I recognized.
   This is their debut album.

6. Far Corporation - Division One. 1985. German Import
   This appears to be Toto in sheep's clothing. Bobby Kimball
   on lead vox, Steve Lukather on guitars, David Paich on keys.
   Robin McAuley also appears.

7. Wet Paint - Shhh..! 1995. Austrian Import
   I bought this one just based on the artwork. Guys with
   long hair, kinda sleazy looking. Wow! This is an extremely
   good CD! Blues-glam kinda thing going, but with great
   chorus harmonies. EXTREMELY well produced. I'm thrilled
   with this one.

The following 2 CDs were strictly a gamble. Don't know a darned
thing about this band. I figured one can't go wrong buying
Japanese imports for $8 apiece...as it turned out, this is
DAMNED good stuff!

Terraplane - Black and White. 1985.
Terraplane - Moving Target. 1987.

That's all for now....gotta go listen to music. :)


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