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The Scrounger's Report

Feb. 27, 1999

Eclectic = dunnowhatthefuckIwannalistento

Picked up a bunch of various and sundry stuff this
week, all over the place stylistically. Not sure why.

 1. Renegade - III. 1996.
    Not bad; a bit heavier than I was anticipating. Good
    execution, but nothing really "grabs" me here. *shrug*

 2. Sabu - Sabu. 1996.
    Good stuff! (any time you throw a couple Bonfire members
    into a project you're bound to get good results); IMO
    better than his most recent...

 3. Eyes - Full Moon. 1994.
    Whoever Mark Weitz is has vocal qualities very similar
    to JSS; this is quite good CD. Cany anyone hook me up
    with a copy of "November Mass" on CD?

 4. Hall and Oates - Live at the Apollo with David Ruffin and
    Eddie Kendrick. 1985.
    I picked this up for Marko, but was too much of a dumbass
    to bother checking to see if he had it first. Doh! It's
    out of print domestically, but available as an import.
    A "fun" performance.

 5. Whiplash - Ticket to Mayhem. 1987.
    I've been slowly grabbing more and more of the early heavy
    metal/thrash/death stuff on Roadracer/Roadrunner/Metal
    Blade/Combat/Shrapnel. The stuff is getting harder and
    harder to find. This is typical mid-1980s thrash.

 6. Samael - Blood Ritual. 1992.
    Death metal with a techno edge.

 7. Steve Haun - Victory (Music of the Bolder Boulder). 1992.
    Instrumental theme music for some sort of marathon I think.
    Kinda like Yanni but with more electric guitar.

 8. White Lion - Pride. 1987.
    Has their biggest hits...

 9. KISS - Unmasked. 1980.
    Another group that I will eventually own everything by...

10. X-Propagation - Conflict. 1993.
    I was expecting heavy metal; instead I got techno. Not
    bad. More CCM stuff on the Intense label.

11. Raven - Nothing Exceeds like Excess. 1988.
    Extremely pitiful work compared to their earlier work,
    but being the completist I am...*shrug*

12. Whitesnake - Live...in the Heart of the City. 1980.
    I like early Whitesnake, so of course I had to snag this.

13. Thompson Twins - Close to the Bone. 1987.
    What can I say, I like mid-1980s pop...

and lastly the big surprise, not just because it's way out
of print, but because how darned good it is:

14. Patty Smyth - Never Enough. 1987.
    The cover caught my attention (damn, what a hottie!), so
    I decided to pop it in and give a listen...much better
    than I anticipated. Well produced and arranged AOR here.

All for now...


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