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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 13, 1999

Something Inbred This Way Comes or You spent HOW much???

You walk through the door into a warehouse of the cheesiest
low-grade furniture ever to see the light of day. A veritable
fesitival of no taste. You walk past the lime green couches,
the olive paisley recliners, and the black laquer nightstands.
As you approach the rear of the store you see a pair of 40+
year old, greasy, fat men arguing with one another next to
stacks of old porno magazines. A 70-year-old grey-haired lady
comes tottering out of a live-in kitchen and greets you.
"Shuddup mawma! Quit pesterin' the customers and git back
in there!" yells one of the men. You find your way up 2 flights
of rickety wooden stairs, hoping the whole blasted building
doesn't come crashing down around you. You reach the top of
the stairs and step onto the landing... a single room that
stretches for what seems to be half a city block, filled
with cases upon cases of new and used CDs, and bins of vinyl.

Welcome to Recycled Records, where the family shrub doesn't fork.


What a weekend. I hurt. My wallet hurts. Everything hurts.
2 days. 2 trips. 40 CDs purchased. $240.00 gone. I hurt.

Friday I travelled to Springfield, Illinois, where I endured
the inbred brothers. Today Marko and I "did Bloomington".
We both came back broke and tired, but with bunches of listening

Obviuously I haven't listened to all of these (deal with it,
Mr. Picard!). Quite a few are just to fill holes in my collection,
but there a some real gems here as well:

Toranaga - God's Gift. 1990 $4.95 (heavy metal)

Various Artists - The Heralds of Oblivion Vol 1. 1993 $4.00 (death metal)

Tony and Donny and Body Parts - Celebrate Jesus. 1991 $1.95 (CCM pop)

Restless Heart - Wheels. 1986 $5.50 (country)

Rammstein - Sehnsucht. 1997 $7.95 (metal/techno/industrial)

Elton John - The Complete Thom Bell Sessions. 1979 $3.95 (rock)

The Almighty - Soul Destruction. 1991 $5.50 (hard rock)

Biohazard - S/T. 1990 $7.00 (metal)

Vengeance Rising - Released Upon the Earth. 1992 $3.50 (CCM thrash)

Xentrix - Dilute to Taste. 1991 $5.50 (heavy metal)

DIO - Angry Machines. 1996 $2.00 (hard rock)

Northwinds - Sleep With Evil/Bloody Mess & The
     Skabs - 6th Grade Field Trip. 1990 $5.95 (minor label metal)

Jetboy - Feel the Shake. 1988 $4.95 (hard rock)

.38 Special - Strength in Numbers.1986 $2.00 (AOR)

Foreigner - Mr. Moonlight. 1995 $2.00 (AOR)

Great White - Shot in the Dark. 1986 $4.00 (hard rock)

Europe - Out of This World. 1988 $2.00 (melodic metal)

Iron Maiden - S/T. 1980 $10.00 (heavy metal)
Iron Maiden - Live After Death. 1985 $8.00 (heavy metal)
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. 1988 $15.90 (heavy metal)
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind. 1983 $7.95 (heavy metal)
   These are all the 1995 reissues from Castle Records.
   All have bonus 2nd CDs and are picture discs. I've been
   trying to complete a collection of these. I think I'm
   just about there. Judging from selling prices on Ebay these
   are quite in demand.

Styx - Best of. 1980 $7.00 (classic rock)

Styx - I. 1972 $9.00 (classic rock)

Petra - On Fire! 1988 $5.50 (CCM hard rock)

Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny. 1976 $7.00 (heavy metal)

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin. 1977 $7.00 (heavy metal)

Kansas - S/T. 1974 $7.00 (prog rock)

Kansas - Masque. 1975 $7.00 (prog rock)
   evidently this one is REAL tough to find....

Icehouse - Man of Colours. 1987 $2.95
   at that price how could you pass on this?

April Wine - Walking Through Fire. 1988 $8.00
   never saw this one before...not bad

Scorpions - Lovedrive. 1979 (original artwork) $5.50
   I needed this for my collection anyway; didn't expect to
   find the banned artwork version.

Jimmy Davis & Junction - Kick the Wall. 1987 $5.50

David & the Giants - Distant Journey. 1990 $5.50

Christopher Cross - Every Turn of the World. 1985 $5.50
   never saw this one before. Richard Marx does backing vox.

Alcatrazz - Live Sentence. 1984 $8.00
   ever the completist. This is the Grand Slamm pressing.

Pangaea - The Rite of Passage. 1996 $2.00
   interesting stuff. Info?

James Young - Out on a Day Pass. 1988 (autographed) $0.95
   Yep. an autographed CD for less thana buck. Sure. Why not?

Vinnie Vincent - Invasion. 1986 $8.00
   Trade bait. not sure if I want to keep this one or the
   Japanese import I have.

Only Child - S/T. 1988 $5.50

Jeff Paris - Wired Up. 1987 $5.50

That's all....time to go listen!


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