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Apr. 27, 1999

Post-shipment depression

Was talking with Zsolt last night about the whole "thrill of
the chase" with respect to bargain-bin shopping, trading, etc.
The hunt is sometimes more satisfying than the capture; anticipation
is the name of the game. :)

That primordial bloodlust that rears it's ugly head as you spy
that megarare Japanese Import in the $4 bin....the adrenalin rush.

I know that whenever I'm expecting 5-10 trades incoming I'm always
"hyped up" looking forward to receiving CDs. Then there's that brief
elation as you tear open the package and the fruits of your labour
are finally there before your eyes...unfortunately this feeling
can't last forever.

It's a sickness. A disease.

How many weeks have I had where I got 20-30 CDs, yet at the end
of the day I'm saying to myself "ok, now what?"

I've gotten 10+ CDs in the last 2 days, yet I feel underwhelmed.
It's pathetic.

I've got more CDs in my collection than 99.5% of the population,
yet there are still days when I stare at the "wall of CDs" drawing
a complete blank on what I want to listen to. Egads!

At any rate, here's what I've received in the last few:

First, a few originals to replace CDRs in my collection:

	Takara - Eternal Faith (CDR now available for trade)
	Steelhouse Lane - Metallic Blue (      "         )
        Axel Rudi Pell - The Oceans of Time (CDR claimed already)

Girl - Sheer Greed. 1980 (1994) Jet Records.
   Sleaze glam. Ick. This one goes straight to the trade pile. 40%

China - Natural Groove. 1995. EMI (Holland)
   The biggest disappointment of the last month or so. I have all
   their other CDs....this is nothing like them. They've embraced
   the sound of the '90s. AUGH!! I'll keep it just for completist
   purposes, but man does it suck. 60%

Various Artists - The Best of German Heavy Metal. 1987. Delta (Germany)
   3 tracks each from the groups "Gravestone", "Tyrant", "High
   Tension", and "Tox." I was expecting thrash metal, but this is
   more melodic than that, with the first and last of the aforementioned
   groups being the best. 78%

Dan Reed Network - Ritual (2 CD). 1988. Iron Cock Records.
   The label name kinda clued me in to the fact that this is
   most definitely a bootleg. I'm not a real big fan of bootlegged
   stuff, as the sound quality is usually pure and utter GARBAGE,
   but this is an exception to the rule. Quite decent, actually. 82%

Dan Lucas - 2000! 1994. Marlboro Music (Germany)
   Interesting AOR. I haven't given this a thorough listen yet.
   Of note is his band: John Pierce, Greg Critchley, Greg Wells,
   and Kane Roberts. Tentatively 84%

Various Artists - Hot Night in the City. 1989. FM (Germany)
   A nice compilation of U.S. AOR bands that never made it.
   Some good (albethey underproduced) tracks on here. Of note:
   The Mike Reeves Band, featuring Brad Gillis of Night Ranger
   fame. Side note: this compilation appears to have been put
   together by Ian McIntosh and AOR Basement...87%

Explorers - We Always Want. 1994. Kinetic Records (Canada)
   A Definite surprise here. Much more melodic than I was
   expecting! 89%

and lastly, one I picked up just cuz I'd never seen it:

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet (banned artwork). 1986. Mercury (Japan).
   Not sure what the hubbub was about here. I see worse than this
   in stores every day! Just a girl with big tits in a partially
   torn T-shirt with the words "Slippery When Wet" on it. Then again
   the censors were in full force back in 1986, weren't they...

That's it...


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