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The Scrounger's Report

May 11, 1999

Damn, I need to win the lottery....*sigh*

I went out and did my CD shopping. Oy. Entirely too many
CDs and not enough money. The shoppe had even more than
I thought they would:

Riot - whole bunches. Nightbreaker, Bretheren, Fire Down
       Under, Live in Japan, Narita

Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the Otehr Side, Tales
       from the Twilight World, Nightfall in Middle Earth

Gamma Ray - damned near everything (when does "Power Plant"
       get released in the U.S.?)

Stratovarius - again, damned near everything.

Nocturnal Rites - Sacred Talisman and Tales of Mystery & 

Steel Prophet - Dark Hallucinations

Therion - Theli, Vovin, Luc'@#@*$%&whadjamacallit

and a few more I've forgotten.

I had only planned to buy 2 discs....NOT.

Much teeth-gnashing and anguish was involved in making
my decsion. I decided on the following 4 CDs:

(only cursory listens so far)

Steel Prophet - Dark Hallucinations. This may have been
   a mistake. I went by the track I had heard on the
   Iron Maiden tribute "A Call to Irons". Vocally very
   similar to Iron Maiden, but add the "power-drumming"
   of many death- and black-metal bands.

Riot - Nightbreaker. Sounds good at first listen.

Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side. I don't
   think this band is capable of turning out a bad album.

Nocturnal Rites - Sacred Talisman. I've only heard the
   first 2 tracks, but if they're any indication, the
   band has one-upped "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"
   which was a great album in its own right.

Does anyone have "In a Time of Blood and Fire" that they
feel like trading away?

Anyhoo, I could have spent $300-400 without even thinking
hard. It's such an unusual experience these days. Most of
the time, when I go into a retail CD store, I have to hunt
for even 1 or 2 CDs I want to buy. This little indy shoppe
always has bunched of stuff I absolutely must have.



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