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Jul. 08, 1999

All in all not a bad day (LONG)

Got the "must go buy music" urge whilst at work today, so I booked
out early and went about an hour south to hit a bunch of pawn
shops. Picked up some interesting crud...

A bunch of cassette singles:

Slaughter - Spend My Life/She Wants More
Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart/She Goes Down
Bad English - Price of Love/The Restless Ones
Jon Bon Jovi - Miracle/Blood Money
Sheriff - When I'm With You/Give Me Rock 'n Roll

Picked up the following 2 cassettes for a buck each, mainly
because I've never seen either on CD:

Glen Burtnick - Talking in Code
Urgent - Cast the First Stone

2 VHS tapes for $5 each (which for me is [CENSORED] expensive;
I'm a damned cheapskate), but both have some KILLER music videos
on them:

Rock Video Monthly. June 1993. Warner Music
 1. Arcade - Nothin' to Lose
 2. Cords - Eat Your Heart Out
 3. Drivin' 'n Cryin - Turn it Up or Turn it Off
 4. Enuff Znuff - Right By Your Side
 5. Kyuss - Thong Song
 6. Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose
 7. Vince Neil - Sister of Pain
 8. The Power Trio From Hell - Nineteen
 9. Quicksand - Fazer
10. Savatage - Edge of Thorns (the reason I bought this tape!)

Time Warner Winter 1993 Releases (Heavy Metal)
 1. Collison - Chains
 2. Danzig - How The Gods Kill (not a bad song actually)
 3. Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (my reason for buying)
 4. Exodus - Good Day to Die
 5. Jackyl - The Lumberjack
 6. My Little Funhouse - I Want Some of That
 7. Saigon Kick - Hostile Youth
 8. Skid Row - Psycho Therapy
 9. Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing
10. Ugly Kid Joe - So Damn Cool

[if anyone has other volumes of this latter series and wishes to
trade copies (or the originals, for that matter), please let
me know. I'm betting it's a good series to have.]

Ok, on to the CDs.

This first one made the trip worthwhile; it's a tough one to find.
It is a duplicate, so it is for sale. Make an offer if interested;
it will most likely be going on Ebay Sunday.

Rick Springfield - Rock of Life. 1988. RCA Records.

Relativity/Combat/In-Effect Sampler. 1990.
[a 3-CD set for $5; how can you go wrong???]

Disc 1 - Relativity Records
 1. Joe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream
 2.      "       - Can't Slow Down
 3. Steve Vai - The Audience is Listening
 4.      "    - I Would Love To
 5. Stuart Hamm - I Want to Know
 6.      "      - Black Ice
 7. Scott Henderson - Nomad
 8.      "          - No, No, No
 9. Selections from Les Miserables - One Day More!
10.      "                         - Bring Him Home

Disc 2 - Combat Records (the meat and 'taters of the set)
 1. Forbidden - Tossed Away
 2.      "    - Step By Step
 3. Two-Bit Thief - Hard Times
 4.      "        - Industry
 5. C.I.A. - Turn to Stone
 6.    "   - N.A.S.A.
 7. Dark Angel - We Have Arrived (live)
 8.    "       - The Burning of Sodom (live)
 9. Death - Spiritual Healing
10.  "    - Defensive Personalities
11. Forced Entry - Bludgeon
12.     "        - Morgulon
13. Devastation - Signs of Life
14. D.B.C. - Genesis Explosion

Disc 3 - In-Effect Records
 1. 24-7 Spyz - Don't Break My Heart!!
 2.    "      - Deathstyle
 3. Scatterbrain - Mr. Johnson & The Juice Crew
 4.     "        - Down With the Ship (Silent Return)
 5. Limbomaniacs - Shake It
 6.     "        - Maniac
 7. Nuclear Assault - Trail of Tears
 8.       "         - Surgery
 9. Sick of It All - G. I. Joe Headstump
10.       "        - Alone
11. Killing Time - Fools Die
12.      "       - What I Want

Whitecross - Unveiled. 1994. REX Music
   CCM Hard Rock. This is either their last non-grunge album or
   their first grunge album (I couldn't listen before purchase).
   We'll see....

Coming back from the pawn shops, I decided to hit "Music for a
Song" (part of a nationwide chain of music closeout stores).
It's usually random chance if there's anything good there, and
unfortunately you cannot listen to anything (it's all new CDs).
They get a fair amount of imports that are pretty cheap, but
it's usually weird stuff, like 37 copies of an import Greatest
Hits CD of "Dr. Hook" or "Spyro Gyra" or some shit like that.

As is usual with my stops there, I gambled on a bunch of stuff,
and some were good, and some were major suckage..such is life.
All of these were less than $8, so at least I didn't go broke

Armistice - Tied. 1997.
  I thought it might be either power metal or death metal. Struck
  out on both counts. *sigh*. Underproduced thrashy hip-hop metal.
  It sucks.

Don Dokken - Up From the Ashes. 1990
  I'm a moron for never having picked this up. It's been reissued
  as part of the Geffen Goldline series of discs, but this was an
  original pressing...

Now the "cool" discs:

Saber Tiger - Brain Drain. 1998 [Japanese Import]
  A new, sealed Japanese import for $4.97? Sure, why not.
  The good news is that it is most definitely metal. The bad
  news is that the Japanese make pretty wretched vocalists.

Roland Grapow - I Remember. 1997. [Japanese Import CD Single]
  I *wish* they had a bin of this type of stuff! I'd go
  apeshit! Import CD singles for $2.97! Gah! I have the CD
  that this single is from, *BUT* there is a track on this
  4-track single that is not on the album, and it alone would
  be worth the purchase price: a cover of the Kansas song
  "Hold On"!!! The accent is bit thick on the vocals, but this

and lastly,

V2 - S/T. [Japanese Import]
  No, not the pop band V2 (which for some reason is the only one
  I can find listed anywhere online). This is the album from
  1988 featuring Tommy Heart from Fair Warning! It has 4 bonus
  tracks that weren't on the original. The production is somewhat
  primitive, but the music is *all* there! This was, to me, the
  find of the day...

So all in all, a fairly productive day out dumpster diving.

Til next time,


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