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The Scrounger's Report

Aug. 17, 1999

Yesterday's Discs.

Got a bunch of CDs in yesterday, I've listened to 'em
all at least once, so here's my initial impressions:

*shakes finger*

"I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski..."

Oops, sorry wrong impression...

Winter Rose - Winter Rose. 1997 (198?) Inside Out Records.
   Quite a strong disc. James La Brie pre Dream Theater.
   No prog going on here; this is straight AOR/hard rock.

Bee Gees - Living Eyes. 1981. RSO (Japan)
   Ahhh, finally. More 1980s Bee Gees. Can't go wrong with
   this one. It rules!! Yes, I love the Bee Gees...so
   BLOW ME! :)

Soundtrack - Biker Mice From Mars. 1993. Gasoline Alley Records.
   I have a CDR of this one available now if anyone wants it.
   Quintessential Jeff Scott Soto material. In many ways I
   Like it better than the work he did with Takara or Talisman.
   The Steppenwolf and Doobie Bros. covers are EXCELLENT.
   I "must have" for any JSS fan. The artwork is cool too.

Talk of the Town -  Talk of the Town (plus 8 bonus tracks). 1999
   What a festering load of putrid filth! This music has got
   to be *THE* worst pile of fetid excrement ever to make
   the jump from analog to digital. The vocals are horrible,
   there are virtually no harmonies or keyboards to speak of,
   and the complete lack...of....melodic.....err....umm,

   *flip* *flip* *flip* *pause*

   *scratches head*

   Shit. Axe that...was reading my Scorpions review...

   This may very well top my list of reissues for the last
   year or two. This is a phenomenal album even without the
   bonus tracks! Thomas Vikstrom is an incredible vocalist
   and more than a few vocalists could learn a thing or
   two from him (Glenn Hughes must just have been in
   AGONY to be on the same Brazen Abbot discs as Vikstrom,
   cuz IMNSHO Vikstrom shits all over Hughes). The keys are
   strong throughout, and this is just one disc to keep
   playing over and over again! Four of the bonus tracks are
   from "Reach for the Sky" (see below), 2 are from Vikstrom's
   solo CD "If I could Fly" (a PHENOMENAL effort in its own
   right), and 2 tracks are unreleased. This will be in my
   top 5 for 1999, without a DOUBT. Get it NOW.

Talk of the Town - Reach for the Sky. 1998. AORHeaven
   Even if you get the above disc, you'll still want to get
   this one, as there are 6 tracks not found on the above or
   on Vikstrom's solo album. Packaged as a collection
   of demos, the production quality is EXCELLENT for demo
   material; I wish the Shy and Lillian Axe "demo" releases
   were even half this well produced. It's $5 from AORHeaven,
   what the [CENSORED] are you waiting for??????

Hasta la Byebye,


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