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The Scrounger's Report

Aug. 29, 1999

Mergers and Acquisitions....well Acquisitions at least.

Time for another report from the front! The bargain bins and trade lists
have been reasonably good to me as of late. Some interesting stuff...


Iced Earth - Alive in Athens (3CD). As discs 1 and 2 are identical to
the 2 CDs in the U.S. version, I was afraid that the 3rd disc would
be "throwaway material". I'm happy to report that it is not. This live
album is one of the best I've ever heard. The sound quality is absolutely
phenomenal. I've only heard 1 band sound better live: Royal Hunt.
Iced Earth is *extremely* tight live, and the crowd was definitely into
the show. 5,000 fans. 2 concerts on back-to-back nights, with different
sets each night. Clocking in at 180:02 in length, you most definitely
get your money's worth with this set; drop all 3 into a changer and
you've got yourself a nice 3-hour Iced Earth concert!

Iced Earth - Days of Purgatory (2CD). One of those things I just 
"never got around to getting"; I lucked out when one of the members
of my local metal listening group decided it was too lite and fluffy
for him. Noooo problem. *SNARF*. Most of the songs here are alternate
versions or rerecordings of material from their first 2 CDs (which had
different lead singers than the current singer, Matthew Barlow).
Even if you have the first 2 discs, as I do, this set is WELL worth
picking up, as the production is considerably better than the originals,
and Barlow a better vocalist. Note: this is the import version; once
again the U.S. is screwed by only getting a 1-disc version.

Note: The only Iced Earth I'm now missing is the "Melancholy" EP.
If *anyone* has it available for trade, please contact me off-list.

Ok, enough Iced Earth (is there such a thing? :)

In the mail:

Spys - Spys/Behind Enemy Lines. 1996 (1982, 1983). Renaissance Records.
    I guess I was expecting more from this. It really didn't hold my
    attention. I found the albums to be fairly uninteresting (not bad
    just bland).

Samson - The Masters (2 CD). 1999. Eagle Records.
    Another major disappointment, not because of what is there, but
    rather what is ommitted. I assumed incorrectly that this would be
    cover the entire span of Samson material. Wrong. It's only later
    material; there is no Bruce Dickinson material in this 2-disc set.
    It only cost me $8; thank goodness for small favors.

Tycoon - Tycoon/Turn Out the Lights (2 CD). 1997 (1978, 1981).
Renaissance Records.
    This one is a winner! While somewhat dated in approach, this is
    *excellent* '70s AOR. Good vocals and keys. This one gets a hearty
    recommendation for anyone who likes '70s AOR! Note: this compilation
    includes 2 unreleased tracks.

Gary Hughes - Big Bad Wolf. 1989. Polygram/Mercury (Germany).
    YUS! Lovin' every second of this one! Then again it's no secret that
    I'm a big Gary Hughes fan... I'm not exactly sure what the whole
    story is, but this disc was re-issued 3 years later with 3 bonus
    tracks as "Strength of Heart". So if you have "SoH" you have this


I got bored yesterday and decided to hit the "Music for a Song" that's
in an outlet complex about a half hour away. For about the 30th time
in the last 2 years they are rearranging the store YET AGAIN and the
bargain bins were not as accessible as usual....GRRRRRR.

However they did have a bunch of import CD singles relatively cheap
($1.97 - 2.97), so I picked up a few (all sorts of genres here, but
most of the singles have an unreleased track or remix so they're worth
it for that price rather than the $8-15 they usually cost):

Chumbawamba - Top of the World. 1998. EMI (U.K.)
Chumbawamba - Amnesia. 1998. EMI (U.K.)
   Ok, so sue me. I like Chumbawamba. I think "Tubthumping" is
   one of the most infectious tunes to come down the pike in quite
   a long time....

Chris Gaines - Lost in You. 1999. Pearl Records.
   As everybody knows, this is Barf Gooks singing without the drawl.
   It's not bad stuff, although I was expecting something a little
   bit heavier. It kinda reminds me of a blend of Christopher Cross,
   Michael McDonald, and America. The production is excellent, and
   the harmonies are good.

Mick Ronson with Joe Elliot - Don't Look Down. 1994. Epic (U.K.)
   Had to pick it up because of the Def Lep connection. Not bad.
   I've never considered myself a Mick Ronson fan. This didn't
   change my mind...

Metallica - Mama Said (Part 1 of 2). 1996. Vertigo (Germany I think).
Metallica - Hero of the Day (Part 1 of 2). Ditto.
Metallica - Hero of the Day (Part 2 of 2). Ditto.
   These damned things usually cost $8-12 when I see them, so for
   $1.97 each I said "sure, why not?"...

Scorpions - Under the Same Sun. 1993. Mercury (Germany).
   Back when the Scorps were at least doing something useful...

Last but not least, the only full-length disc I got. It was a complete
and utter gamble, but as it was only $8, I wouldn't be bankrupt if
it turned out to suck moose. I'm happy to say it doesn't :)

Toronto & Holly Woods - Assault and Flattery. 19??. Long Island
Records. Part of the "Rock Classic" series. Ltd. Ed. #904 of 2000.
   I don't know who or what Toronto was, but this is pretty good
   female fronted AOR. Holly reminds me of a blend of Cher and
   Anne Wilson (Heart). It doesn't blow your doors off, but it
   doesn't suck either.

The most interesting part is the little brochure that comes with it
promoting other discs in the series, and some are quite intriguing.
If anyone has any of these for trade, please contact me off-list:

Joshua - The Hand is Quicker than the Eye
Michael Zee - Five Seven, Maybe Five Eight
Bystander - Not So Innocent
Elektradrive - S/T
Used Records - S/T
Everest - S/T
Arrows - Best of Arrows
Bernie LaBarge - Bargin' In
Chilliwack - Look In, Look Out
Simon Chase - Thrill of the Chase
Toronto - Get It on Credit
Vancouver - S/T
Rescue - S/T
Champion featuring Alex Machin
FISC - Too Hot for Love
Stargazer - S/T
Ringleader - If Licks Could Kill
Urgent - Timing
Eyes of Wise Featuring Lance
Everest - One Step Away
Legal Limits - S/T
Wall of Silence & Works - Best of

Also, if any these blow hairy chunks please let me know...:)

Till next time,


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