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The Scrounger's Report

Sep. 30, 1999

When all else fails, go with the classics...

Well, being that yesterday was payday, and that I had a few
extra pennies rattling around in my pocket, I decided to
make my quarterly trek to Recycled Records in Springfield,
Illinois (about 1.5 hours west of Champaign). While I didn't
find anything that screamed out "OhMyGodThisIsFuckingRare"
or "I'veBeenWantingThisForFiveYears", I did pick up some
interesting stuff to "fill some holes" in the collection.

I ended up spending $100, but got a fair number of discs
for the money:

Fear Factory - Resurrection. 1998. Roadrunner Records. $1
   I like their stuff. Kinda hard to go wrong for a buck,
   even if it is a 3-track single.

Michael Bolton - The Artistry of Michael Bolotin. 1993. BMG. $1
Michael Bolton - The One Thing. 1993. Columbia. $1
Michael Bolton - S/T. 1983. Columbia. $1
Michael Bolton - The Hunger. 1987. Columbia. $1
   I've never been a fan of Michael Bolton, but I figured at
   these prices I might as well get some to put in my collection.

Various Artists - The Best of Christian Rock. 1989. Arrival. $3
   I'm always on the lookout for odd/unusual compilations, especially
   CCM stuff. This one features tracks from The Choir, Altar Boys,
   Whitecross, Leviticus, Ruscha, Bloodgood, Zion, Jerusalem,
   Crystal Lewis, and D.O.X.

Shooting Star - Touch Me Tonight (Best of). 1989. Enigma. $7
   I've got most of their actual CDs, but I figured as long as I
   had a chance to pick up an original Enigma pressing I might
   as well...

Andy Scott - 30 Years. 1993. Repertoire Records. $13
   Damned good disc! Quite "poppy" in feel, but a whole bunch
   of good material here. I find a lot of the "Sweet" stuff to
   be hit-or-miss; this stuff is "hit".

Gary Moore - G-Force + Live at the Marquee. 1988. Castle Comm. $16.
   This is an interesting 2-CD set that I hadn't seen before.
   I'm always on the lookout for older Gary Moore stuff...

and finally,

UFO - Misdemeanor. 1992 (1985). Chrysalis (Japan). $13
UFO - Making Contact. 1992 (1983). Chrysalis (Japan). $13
UFO - The Wild, The Willing, and the Innocent. 1992 (1981).
      Chrysalis (Japan). $13
UFO - No Place to Run. 1992 (1980). Chrysalis (Japan). $13
   At $13 apiece, this is considerably more than I usually
   ever spend for used CDs (hell, I rarely ever spend more than
   $6 on used discs), but these intrigued me. They're all part
   of the same series, and all are in MINT condition with OBI
   still intact. As my UFO collection was sorely lacking, I
   figured "what the heck". Some real good stuff here!

Well, that's all for today...


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