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Oct. 18, 1999

Oh what a dry spell it's been!

Hep me! Hep me!

It's been almost 2 weeks since I got any CDs in! I CAN'T TAKE IT!

Lawd have mercy!


So I went apeshit buying a few (stupid) cds and arranging some
trades, in order to "get a fix".

Just in:

Metallica - Fuel (Part 1 of 3). 1998. Vertigo (Australia)
   I snag these singles every now and then when they're cheap

Aerosmith - Livin' on the Edge. 1993. Geffen (U.K.)
   The Gold embossed jewel case is kinda cute.

Treat Her Right - Tied to the Tracks. 1989. BMG/RCA
   This was a gamble that failed. It had "the look" but sucks
   major goat balls (Hi Danni!)

Touch the Sky - Trials of Life. 1996. Twiggsong Music.
   Ya know, I can never remember if it's "Touch the Sky" or
   "Crack the Sky" that people talk about, so I gambled on
   this one. After listening to this, I'm guessing it's
   the latter as opposed to the former. This isn't horrendous,
    but it's nothing revolutionary.

Golden Earring - No Promises, No Debts. 1991 (1979). Polydor (Holland).
   Not bad....filling holes in the discography....

Rhapsody - The Emerald Sword. 1998. SPV (Germany).
   The completist in me demanded that I get this. I still say
   this band absolutely RULES!

Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands. 1998. SPV (Germany).
   Replacing the CDR I had of this. Phenomenal album!

Haven't listened to these as they just came in the mail:

Indecent Obsession - Indio. 1992. MCA Records.
   Finally! I've been looking forever for this one, as I think
   their S/T is fantastic Dance pop/boy band stuff! We'll see
   how it compares...

New England - Walking Wild. 1981. GB Music.

Steelhouse Lane - Slaves of the New World. 1999. MTM.
   Time to see what everyone is yammering about. :)

Still coming/yet to arrive:

Scorpions - Hurricane Rock
Von Groove - Test of Faith
Zeno - Listen to the Light
John Norum - Another Destination
Gotthard - He Ain't Heavy (autographed single)
Jaded Heart - Inside Out
Mark Free - Long Way From Love (replacing CDR)
Zeelion - S/T
Tin Drum - How About This
Kingdom Come - Balladesque
Vice - Second Excess

Chomping at the bit!


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