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The Scrounger's Report

Jan. 12, 2000

My Gawd! The local shoppes actually had some decent stuff.

Spent about an hour after work today hitting 2 local
shops I hadn't been to in about 2 months. Not exactly
bargain-basement city, but some stuff I hadn't seen
before locally (or that just tripped my trigger)...

Riot - Riot Live. 1980 (1993 Release) Metal Blade Records.

Trixter - Undercovers. 1994. Backstreet Records.
   Yeah, I know it's Trixter, but the covers look
   potentially interesting (or potentially disastrous).

Conception - In Your Multitude. 1995. Noise Records.

Soundtrack - Johnny Be Good. 1988. Atlantic Records.
   This on looks really good. Marko had found it about
   a year ago, but I hadn't seen it. For $3.95 it called
   out to me. Track listing:
   Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode
   Myles Goodwyn - Caviar
   Kix - Ring Around Rosie
   Fiona - If There's Any Justice
   Jon Astley - Been There, Done That
   Saga - Perfect Stranger
   Ted Nugent - Skintight
   Frozen Ghost - Rock Still Rolls Me
   Bernie Shanahan - No Place Like Home
   Dirty Looks - It's Not the Way Your Rock

Leather - Shock Waves. 1989. Leviathan/RoadRacer Records
   See Chastain.

Tokyo Blade - Blackhearts and Jaded Spades. ??? Steamhammer SPV.
   Part of good ole' Steamhammer's "Mid-Priced Series".

and lastly, a most unusual local find:

Kansas - Star Box. 1993. Sony (Japan).
   I'd never actually seen a disc from this series before.
   YAGH (Yet Another Greatest Hits).

7 CDs. $32.00 Not a bad day.


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