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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 01, 2000

Listen up all you CCM fans...

I've heard plenty of bad press about RadRockers.Com
over the years (primarily due to overinflated prices
on their OOP stuff), but they have some discs in right
now that I *really* want, so I decided to gamble and
give them a try.

There's some stuff just reissued (or actually issued
for the first time on CD) that some of you may be
interested in that are not available through other
channels. I have *no* idea what the quality of the
sound or artwork will be, so I guess I'm somewhat
of a guinea pig. :)

I just placed my order for the following (all new
discs still sealed, no used material here):

Angelica - Greatest Hits $4.50
   For completist purposes; I've got all the other
   discs. I figured I won't find this elsewhere cheaper.
   According to the phone operator I spoke with
   they've got hundreds of sealed copies in stock.

Deliverance - Intense Live Series. $3.50
   Ditto on the quantity (They have evidently bought
   out distributors on certain titles and have quantity
   in depth; their bargain bins bear perusing if you're
   looking at filling in your CCM collection).

Sweet Comfort Band - Hold On Tight $12.00
Sweet Comfort Band - Prime Time $9.00
   I see people paying $$$ for these on Ebay from time to
   time. Why? RR also has "Breakin' the Ice" new for $12.00
   as well, but I already have that one.

The last 2 only came in yesterday, and at least one of them
I've been looking for FOREVER, and had assumed I'd have to
shell out $$$$ for:

Leviticus - I Shall Conquer $13.00
   From the RR web site:
   "Veteran white metal enthusiasts will remember that Pure Metal
   released this in the U.S.A. in the early 80's, but never made
   any CDs! Matt Hunt of Massive Groove Productions has digitally
   re-mastered it and added their previously cassette-only 1982
   original 4-song demo EP, plus 3 bonus tracks! It's one of
   M8 Distribution's Gold Trim Collector's Series of Limited Edition
   (only 1000 made ) CD re-issues. 13 songs TT: 56:12 4-page insert"

Trytan - Celestial Messenger $13.00
   From the RR web site:
   "Metal fans who love Rush and Rage Of Angels will rejoice
   that this Trytan classic (never before released in the U.S.
   on CD) has been digitally re-mastered and re-issued stateside,
   and is now available at a fraction of the price of the illegal,
   (so the band informs us) expensive, import versions! Not to
   mention enhanced artwork and three bonus tracks that add another
   21 minutes of music! It's one of the Millenium 8 Gold Trimmed
   Collector's Series, a one-time pressing of 1000 copies!
   12 songs TT: 52:15 4-page insert"

   (FINALLY! I was all set to bid on one this on Ebay
   starting at $40...glad I checked RR on a whim).

Assuming these are legitimate releases, there are BOATLOADS
of reissues that RadRockers is selling. Their listings *imply*
that all of their stuff is with the blessing of the bands in
question. I could (and am about to) go broke there REAL fast...

I'll report on the quality of these when I get them.


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