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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 02, 2000

Aww nuts...not this moron *again*??!!!

Yes, ladies and gents, it's time for yet another
installment of "The Bargain Binners Report".

I took half a day off today and hit the road to
sunny Bloomington, Sillynoise. The last time I
had gone there, the trip absolutely sucked as
far as acquisitions, so I was a tad apprehensive.

Well, I'm happy to report that the bargain bins
were full of interesting stuff today. Nothing to
write home to mother about, but a very unusual
blend of stuff.

First, I saw, but passed on a 3-CD boxed set of
Uli Jon Roth's 3 albums (1994 Griffin Records)
for $29.95. The man can play guitar, but he can
NOT sing to save his life. Listening to it was
painful. It hurt.

I picked up a few discs either to throw on Ebay
or for my tradelist. Holler if anything trips
your trigger:

Icehouse - Man of Colours. 1987. Chrysalis. (cutout)

Boulevard - Into The Street. 1990. MCA (cutout)
   The tougher of the 2 Blvd. discs to find.

Robin Beck - Trouble or Nothin. 1989. Phonogram (BMG).
   This one's a gem mint copy.

Giuffria - Silk and Steel. 1986. MCA.
   The artwork has seen some water damage at some point
   in its life, but the disc is in gem condition.
   I figure someone out there is still looking for
   this album...

Ok, now on to the stuff I snagged (potentially) as keepers.
Most are gambles, so again, who knows about the quality
(then again, look at the prices paid on some of these;
one can afford to gamble):

King of Fools - S/T. 1991. Imago Records. $1.00
   I recall this being somewhat INXS-ish.

Tom Kimmel - Circle Back Home. 1990. Polygram. $2.95
   Where do I know this guy's name from? It's nagging at me...

Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers - Rumble. 1988. Columbia. $1.00

Paul Brady - Trick or Treat. 1991. Phonogram. $1.95
   His vocals can be a smidge iffy at times, but the supporting
   cast reads like a who's who: Jeff Porcaro, Michael Landau,
   David Paitch, Freddie Washington.

Penetration - Moving Targets. 1990 (1978). Virgin. $1.00
   New wave/punkish (?) rock...had that OOP look to it. *shrug*

Various Artists - Fretboard Frenzy. 1989. Shrapnel. $1.00
   Features tracks from Cacophony, Greg Howe, Jason Becker,
   Racer X, Apocrypha, Marty Friedman, Joey Tafolla, and Mastermind.
   For a buck how can you possibly go wrong???

Deep Purple - Nobody's Perfect. 1988. Mercury. $3.95
   I have a penchant for '80s Purple...

Uriah Heep - Live. 1973. Polygram. $4.95

Angel City - Face to Face. 1980. Epic. $3.99
   This one was a purchase from Hastings. The one thing I *HATE*
   about this chain is that they seal their used discs, so you
   can't peruse the booklet before you buy. This one is a
   crapshoot based on the artwork.

The Angels From Angel City - Beyond Salvation. 1989. Chrysalis. $3.99
   See above.

Boston - Third Stage. 1986. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. $7.99
   I've needed to fill this hole in my collection for quite
   some time; I just never found it cheap enough to warrant my
   purchasing it. When presented with the MFSL gold disc at
   this price there was no saying "no"....:)

Michael Stanley Band - Greatest Hits. 1992 (1979) Razor and Tie. $4.95
   Good '70s stuff (even if Stanley's lead vox sound a tad "off"
   at times).

Artillery - Terror Squad / Fear of Tomorrow. 1990. Roadracer. $3.95
   What can I say, I have a soft spot for '80s thrash...

Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence. 1987. Restless. $3.95
   Well yeah, this too...(actually, I snagged it because I've
   never seen this one on CD before, whereas "Act III" is as
   common as dirt).

Crazy House - Still Looking For Heaven on Earth. 1988. Chrysalis. $4.95
   Light poppy stuff....looked OOP as hell.

Wishbone Ash - Twin Barrels Burning. 1993 (1982). Castle Classics. $8.95
   Gave this one a preview at the store; not bad hard rock...

The Sweet - Off The Record. 1990 (1977). Repertoire (Germany). $13.95
   This one is readily available (or so I found out when I got
   home) as an import, *BUT* the one I see listed everywhere online
   has 11 tracks. This one has 12. The extra track is "Stairway to
   the Stars". Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

Lex Rex - Beat the Heat. 1990. Pan-Trax. $1.00
   This one could end up being the gem of the day from a rarity
   standpoint. Pan-Trax was a minor CCM label. I have 2 other
   discs on this label, both are fairly sought-after (Ruscha - 
   Come Alive, and D.O.X. - Through the Fire). The production
   is very primitive, but I think this was a neat find.

and lastly:

KISS - KISS and Ace Demos. ????. ????. ????. $5.95
   I'd never seen this (I'm assuming) bootleg before.
   Tracks 1-10: Wicked Lester demos.
   Tracks 11-15: Various KISS demos.
   Tracks 16-18: Ace Frehley demos.
   Track 19: "radio commercial for the originals."

   The actual track lineup is:

    1. Sweet Ophelia
    2. Keep Me Waiting
    3. Ladies in Waiting
    4. She
    5. Too Many Mondays
    6. In the Darkness
    7. When the Bell Rings
    8. Some Other Guy
    9. We Want To
   10. Shout It Out Loud
   11. Sword and Stone
   12. Hide Your Heart
   13. Rock and Roll All Nite
   14. Do You Love Me
   15. Flaming Youth
   16. Commi'n Back
   17. Audio Video
   18. The Girl Can't Dance

   It's a pressed disc with full-color artwork. On the
   back it says "Made in Germany." Anyone have any ideas
   on this one??

Overall, quite a satisfying day, with bunches of curious
material to listen to....:)

Til next time...

Buffy the Bargain Binner

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