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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 18, 2000

Damn this addiction!

Damn it to hell I say!

Cokeheads and crack whores get subsidized by the federal government
for their addictions, so why can't I collect Social Security
for my addiction to CDs and CD hunting?

So I'm relaxing last night, and my little visit to House de la Inbred
in Decatur yesterday keeps annoying me. Little nagging doubts
about things I forgot, things I should have checked, etc.

"I should have asked about Axe bootlegs."

"I never bothered to listen to that Winger boot."

"I never checked any of the video tapes."

"I should have taken my wantlist with me."

"I wonder if any of the CDs piled under the dead dog in the corner
    were interesting."

"Life isn't complete unless I have a maxxed out credit card."

"You know, someone else might go in there and get that 'Nirvana
   Plays Willie Nelson's Favorites' CD I passed on."

"Money? I can ENJOY Ramen and saltines for 2 months."

"I could swear that the 'Nerfherder Featuring Jon Bon Jovi' CD
   is really OOP....I should have gotten it."

"You know...if I sell my house, I can afford LOTS of CDs!"

Well, then it all just got plain silly...

Eventually, I faded off to sleep, with visions of stacks of CDs
held by tobacco-spittin' rednex dancing in my head.

I got up this morning and said to myself "Self, why don't we
just go back to Decatur? After all, my passport is still good,
and the strip search at the border crossing wasn't all that
bad." (They want to make sure you don't bring books into Decatur).

So off I went...again.

Cousin It met me at the door with a big ole' toothy grin (well it
might have been toothies, but I'm pretty sure he only had one)
wunnerin' whut in thee hell ah wuz dewin' back agin.

Biting back my automatic response of "to discuss the societal
and geopolitical influences upon Elizabethan England by the
French bourgeois", I just said that I wanted to come back and
go through things in an unhurried manner (not even a tow truck
could have lifted Vern's EEG above flatline on a good day,
unless someone happened to shout "Tractor Pull!").

Well, enough of my witty narrative. I spent about 3 hours turning
the place inside out. There were indeed some piles I hadn't
searched yesterday. Also, they were happy to take my wantlist
and business card, saying they'd call me if they found anything
on it. I'd have a little more confidence if I knew for certain
that they could read...

I actually ended up spending more than I did yesterday. OWITCH.

First, two video tapes:

Nelson - After the Rain. 1991. Geffen Home Video. 30 Minutes. $3.99
   Behind-the-scenes footage plus 4 videos: Love and Affection,
   After the Rain, More than Ever, Keep One Heart (supposedly 
   previously unreleased...it's not on any of the discs I have).

Scorpions - To Russia With Love and Other Savage Amusements.
   1989. Polygram Video. 45 minutes. $5.95
   When I saw this, I just had to get it. It appears to have some
   really neat stuff on it:
    1. Blackout (live in Russia)
    2. Rhythm of Love (uncensored version)
    3. Holiday (live in Russia)
    4. Believe In Love (recut version)
    5. The Zoo (live in Russian rock club)
    6. Walking On the Edge (video made in Russia)
    7. Long Tall Sally (live jam with Gorky Park)
    8. Don't Stop At the Top (the Russian soccer challenge)
    9. Rock You Like a Hurricane (recut version)
   10. Media Overkill (video made in Russia)
   11. Passion Rules the Game (uncensored version)
   12. We Let It Rock (You Let It Roll) (credit sequence)

On to the CDs...

Manowar - Hell On Wheels Live (2 CD). 1997. Metal Blade. $9.95
   I've wanted this for a while, but I'm a cheap SOB and didn't
   want to pay $18.95 for the damned thing.

Joe Perry Project - Let the Music Do the Talking. 1980. CBS. $6.00

Black Sabbath - Seventh Star. 1996 (1986). Gimcastle (U.K.). $6.00

Saviour Machine - Legend Part II. 1998. MCM Music. $6.00

Forlorn - The Crystal Palace. 19??. Head Not Found (Norway). $6.00
   Melodic black metal.

Queensryche - Promised Land (2-CD CDROM). 1996. EMI. $16.00
   I was tempted to check this out when it was first released,
   but it was too darned expensive. Now it's going for $40+
   on Ebay, so I figured even if I don't end up keeping it
   I can make some money...

Wishbone Ash - Here to Hear. 1989. IRS Records. $6.00

Cronos - Dancing in the Fire. 1990. Neat Records. $6.99
   Ahh yes, some good ole' minor-label '80s heavy metal.

Immaculate Mary - Through the Eyes of Youth. 1989. Mirror Records. $6.50
   See above. Some interesting covers.

Now the cool ones:

Tony Carey - Some Tough City. 1989 (1984). MCA (Germany). $13.00
   After seeing one of the Planet P videos on M2, I figured I'd
   grab this.

Steve Walsh - Schemer-Dreamer. 1993 (1980). Sony (Japan). $7.00
   This disc and the next one are 2 of the best bargains I've
   gotten in quite a while. I saw this one  and nearly gave myself
   a hernia lunging for it...

.38 Special - Special Delivery. 1987 (1978). A&M Records. $6.00
   Yeah, baby! This is the tough .38 Special disc to find.

and lastly, something to file under "neat":

Loudness - Hurricane Eyes "Japanese Version". 1987. ATCO (Japan). $13.00
   I'm extremely DENSE sometimes. I already have the U.S. 
   release of this album. I bought this because (1) the cover art
   is a lot cooler than the U.S. version, and (2) at this price
   I could most likely make a few $$ on Ebay if I decide to ditch
   it. It seemed kinda weird that it said "Japanese Version"
   right on the spine. I mean, well, "DUH!"...it was printed in
   Japan. It never occurred to me to make the obvious connection
   until Tedder kicked me in the teeth: It's the same album
   sung in Japanese. Way cool!


What a day. No, I'm not going back tomorrow.....they're closed.


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