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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 25, 2000

I came. I saw. I purchased.

The weekend arrived, which heralded the obligatory CD scrounging
trip. As usual, I spent more than anticipated (big surprise, eh?).

Nothing that screams out rarity, but a few nice finds.

First, one that I purchased to sell on Ebay:

Petra - War and Remembrance. 1990. Star Song Records.
   This 2-CD greatest hits compilation is quite out of print
   and tough to come by. It routinely goes for $40+.

On to the keepers:

Triumph - Progressions of Power. 1980. MCA Records.
   Gotta complete their discography eventually...

New England - S/T. 1998. Renaissance Records.
   Finally. Now I have all 4 New England discs...

R.E.O. Speedwagon - Good Trouble. 1982. CBS Records.
   I *really* need to work on my R.E.O. collection.
   I have virtually no discs from them...

Scorpions - Virgin Killer. 1977. RCA Records (Germany).
   Now OOP in the U.S., I figured I'd snag it.

Sammy Hagar - Street Machine. 1979. Capitol Records.
   I'd not seen this in stores, and it was cheap, so why not?

Soundtrack - Bad Channels. 1992. Full Moon Records.
   This disc is neat as hell. Music composed by Blue Oyster Cult.
   In addition to a whole bunch of cool rock instrumental tracks,
   there are the following songs:
   Demon's Kiss - performed by Blue Oyster Cult
   The Horsemen Arraive - performed by Blue Oyster Cult
   That's How It Is - performed by Joker
   Jane Jane (The Hurricane) - performed by Joker
   Somewhere In the Night - performed by Fair Game
   Blind Faith - performed by Fair Game
      Here's the interesting part, the personnel for Fair Game:
         Ron Keel - vocals, acoustic guitar
         Janna James - bass, vocals
         Eva Marie - lead guitar, vocals
         Danelle - lead guitar, vocals
         Michelle Lee - drums
      Is this another soundtrack-only band like Black Roses?
   Manic Depresso - performed by Sykotik Sinfoney
   Mr. Cool - performed by Sykotik Sinfoney
      These 2 tracks are bizarre as hell, but neat.
      Any idea who the real performers are in this band are?
      The members are listed as follows:
         Zoid Zweetie - vocals, keyboards
         Stanky Poozle - lead guitar, vocals
         Crusty Udder - vocals, guitar
         Petrifilo - bass, vocals
         Dr. Rhythm - drums
   Myth of Freedom - performed by DMT
   Touching Myself Again - performed by DMT
   Little Old Lady Polka - performed by the Ukelaliens
      (this track is hilarious!)

   This disc is fairly cheap on Ebay. I wholeheartedly recommend
   it, if nothing else for humour value...:)

Tokyo Blade - Mr. Ice. 1998 (1990). Zoom Club Records (United Kingdom).
   Well, it's not part of the recent reissue series, and I
   hadn't seen it before...plus it was normal U.S. pricing ($12.99).
You know you're addicted when you buy a CD that you already have,
just because it's a different pressing or different release.
That's the case with the following disc. Prior to Razor and Tie
releasing it on CD a couple of years ago, I was under the (obviously
mistaken) impression that this had never been released on CD.
For $8 I figured I'd grab it as a curiosity piece (and also on
the off chance that it's collectible):

Orion the Hunter - S/T. 1984. Portrait/CBS Records (RK 39239).

This has all the appearances and earmarkings of actually having
been pressed in 1984.

Any ideas from you Boston fans? How scarce is this?

And lastly, a disc that I'm not sure what to do with:

Starz - Coliseum Rock. 1991. Metal Blade Records.
   This is still sealed in its original long box. I almost
   hate to crack it out. It goes for $25-30 on Ebay.
   The only other disc I have by Starz to compare it with
   is "Violation". How similar are the 2 albums?
   Also, was this album released in 1991, or is that a
   reissue date?

That's all for now,


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