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The Scrounger's Report

Mar. 31, 2000

Level 5 Scrounger spell: Recharge Tradelist (8 spell points)

...and the spell works damned well too. :)

I took a couple hours off this afternoon and headed south to the
twin cities of Charleston and Mattoon, Illinois. Note to self:
these people are stupid, inbred, and SLOW. Next time, bring gun.
It must be a tradition in these provincial hickvilles to go
out driving, staying in the left-hand lane, staying 10 mph below
the speed limit. Note to self: At next congressional session,
advocate mass euthanasia on a regional basis.

First, a bunch of CDs I bought specifically for my tradelist
or to put on Ebay. Email me offlist if anything trips your trigger:

Shine - A Far and Distant Shore. 1988. BMG Music.
   Melodic lite AOR. Pretty decent stuff. OOP.

Hanoi Rocks - The Best of Hanoi Rocks. 1985. Lick Records (United Kingdom).
   I don't run into this one very often...

Holy Soldier - Last Train. 1992. Myrrh Records.
   Great Rolling Stones cover. Some light scuff marks.

Harlow - S/T. 1990. Reprise Records.
   Tommy Thayer from Black 'n Blue. Cutout.

Jimmy Davis & Junction - Kick the Wall. 1987. QMI Records.

Blvd. - S/T. 1988. MCA Records.
   Very good melodic AOR. I have 2 copies of this, both cutouts.

Open Skyz - S/T. 1993. RCA Records.
   Hugo. 'Nuff said.

David Pack - Anywhere You Go. 1985. Warner Brothers (Japan).
   Lead vocalist of Ambrosia. This disc is already claimed.

Urgent - Thinking Out Loud. 1987. Manhattan Records.
   Tough disc! This one is GEM mint.

Rick Springfield - Rock of Life. 1988. RCA Records.
   The last 2 I sold went for $45 and $40. This one is immaculate.

Some fodder for my metal listening group:

   Mayhem - Live in Leipzig. 1997. Century Black.

   Pestilence - Spheres. 1993. Roadrunner Records.

   Coroner - No More Color. 1989. Noise Records.

Now, to the keepers...

Let's Active - Big Plans For Everybody. 1986. I.R.S. Records.
   For some reason I remember this group, but I'm not sure why. So, I figured
   that for $2 I'd gamble on it, as it has this "long OOP" look to
   it (it's even in one of the old-style jewel cases without ridges).
   Lo and behold I see that the last one sold on Ebay went for $56.
   I may just have to sell this one. :)

Poison - Look What the Cat Dragged In. 1986. Capitol Records.
   I'm surprised I hadn't picked this up years ago...

George Michael and Queen - Five Live. 1993. Hollywood Records.
   I'm one of those people that thinks George Michael's voice was a spitting
   image for Freddie Mercury. Say what you will about George's extracurricular
   activities, da man can SING.

King's X - S/T. 1992. Atlantic Records.
King's X - Dogman. 1994. Atlantic Records.
   Never been a real big fan, but they were cheap enough for me to buy them. :)

Non-Fiction - Preface. 1991. Grand Slamm Records.
Non-Fiction - In the Know. 1992. Grand Slamm/I.R.S. Records.
   Grand Slamm is one of those minor labels that I eventually want to get
   every release on (Pakaderm being another). Call me silly...:)
   This is fairly heavy stuff.

Jellyfish - Spilt Milk. 1993. Charisma Records.
   I'd heard a friend's copy, and they sounded pretty darned good, so...

McQueen Street - S/T. 1991. SBK Records.
   I've heard the name bandied about, and it looks like it's the right genre...

And lastly, I stopped at "Music For a Song" (part of a nationwide chain),
and spent about an hour hunting for *anything* even remotely useful. No dice.
I was starting to get a bit peeved. I decided to give the budget bin one last
once-over, and I found something that caught my eye. Have you seen the
recent trend in certain reissues (Heart and Rolling Stones come to mind) where
the discs are sold, not in a jewel case, but rather an oversized sleeve
(I guess to give the appearance of a 45-rpm sleeve). Well I saw one...but it had
an OBI strip...

Staring up at me, for the whopping price of $7.97 was a copy of John Sykes - 
Chapter One! Woohoo! It's still available, but it runs $30-$42 online.
I'd say this was a bargain...  

Till next time,


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