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Nov. 10, 2000

A frightening statistic and some new discs...


Just checked my collection database and according to my records,
thus far in the year 2000 I have purchased or traded for just over
700 CDs. I knew I'd been active this year, but YIPES (and none of
those are CDRs).

Well after work today I picked up a few more to add to that total
from the local indy shop (GASP! Paying full retail??? AUGH!).

Angel Dust - Enlighten the Darkness. 2000. Century Media.
   Haven't listened yet, but I'd heard some tracks previously;
   rather impressive (at the time).

Vanden Plas - Spirit of Live. 2000. InsideOut America.
   This was "nice-priced" at $11.99, so I assumed it was an EP
   (the *only* time the mom&pop prices *anything* below $13.95
   is if it's an EP). Umm, NOT! 73+ minutes on this one...

Firehouse - O2. 2000. Spitfire Records.
   Listened to a bit of it. Heavier than previous efforts,
   and a bit stripped back productionwise. Not stellar, but
   not bad either.

V/A - Little Guitars (A Tribute to Van Halen). 1999.
   Triage Records (released on the Shrapnel label).

   Hadn't seen this before, nor have I seen anyone mention it.
   It *says* 1999 on the label; I disbelieve. Is it one of
   those that was a Jap-only release (like the Led Zeppelin
   tribute) and is just now seeing the light of day in the U.S.?

   An interesting selection of songs and performers:

    1. Unchained - Jack Russell, Dweezil Zappa, Marco Mendoza,
       Eric Singer

    2. I'm the One - Mark Slaughter, Doug Aldrich, Tim Bogert,
       Frankie Banali

    3. Dance the Night Away - Joe Lynn Turner, Reb Beach,
       Marco Mendoza, Gregg Bissonette

    4. Light Up the Sky - Doug Pinnick, Yngwie Malmsteen,
       Billy Sheehan, Vinnie Colaiuta

    5. Panama - Jani Lane, George Lynch, Tony Franklin,
       Gregg Bissonette

    6. Hot For Teacher - John Corabi, Bruce Kulick, Tony Franklin,
       Gregg Bissonette

    7. Running With the Devil - Steven Pearcy, Jake E. Lee,
       Tim Bogert, Frankie Banali

    8. Pretty Woman - Gunnar Nelson, Matt Nelson, Albert Lee,
       Tony Levin, Aynsley Dunbar

    9. Atomic Punk - Fee Waybill, Brad Gillis, Tim Bogert,
       Frankie Banali

   10. So This Is Love - Jeff Scott Soto, Blues Saraceno,
       Tony Franklin, Eric Singer

   11. Little Guitars - Devid Glenn Eisley, Mitch Perry,
       Marco Mendoza, Eric Singer

Looks like it has potential....



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