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The Scrounger's Report

Feb. 01, 2001

The Scrounger's Report, v.32.

Decided to go out scrounging today. Drove the 80 miles to Springfield,
Illinois to see what I could dig up. I found a whole bunch of stuff,
nothing too earth shattering, but some neat stuff nonetheless...

Manowar - Hell on Earth Part I. 2000. Metal Blade Video.
   2 hours of METAL. Wymps need not apply.

Megadeth - Train of Consequences. Promo CD single.
   I'm a sucker for goofy promo shit. This single track CD single comes
   in a vinyl baby's head. Bizarre...

Outlaw Blood - press kit. 1991. ATCO records.
   Boxed press kit containing the CD of the S/T album, also a
   cassette of same, and VHS video for the single "Body and Soul".

Next, not music, but music-related:

An 8"x8" glass mirror/tile of Grim Reaper - See You in Hell from
1985, in a cardboard frame. Kinda silly, but for $3 why not?

More CDs:

Neal Schon - Late Nite. 1989. Columbia/CBS.
   About time I picked this up. Also performing on the album are
   Bob Marlette, Randy Jackson, Steve Smith, Jonathan Cain (1 track),
   Deen Castronovo (1 track), Mark Spiro (1 track).

Sculpture - S/T. 1999. Nuclear Blast.
   Some interesting "powerish" metal (not in your traditional
   power metal sense though).

Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade. 1996. Earache.
   I need to finish my BT discography; I've been woefully
   ignoring their stuff as of late. :(

Lacuna Coil - S/T. 1998. Century Media.
   Female vox and atmospheric metal. Gotta love it!

Blue Oyster Cult - Mirrors. 1979. Columbia Records.
Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin. 1981. Columbia Records.
Blue Oyster Cult - The Revolution By Night. 1983. Columbia Records.
   Another group I'd been ignoring... until now. The extremely early
   material is a bit raw for my tastes, but this stuff from the
   late '70s and early '80s is very polished and melodic stuff!
   Veteran of the Psychic Wars is a phenomenal tune! (You may recall
   it from the "Heavy Metal" soundtrack).

Freak House - Addicted to the Numb. 1995. Perris Records.
   Raw glammish bar rock. 

John Kay and Steppenwolf - Wolftracks. 1982. Wolf Records.
   The production is a bit limited (as it is on much of the 
   Steppenwolf stuff), but musically it's not bad.

Son of a Bitch - Victim You. 1996. Saraya Records.
   Very '70s sounding hard rock; features several members of Saxon.

Type O Negative - Live Cries, B-Sides, Sui Sides. ???? Capone
   I'm guessing this is a boot. A bunch of live tracks and some
   covers. It was cheap, so I figured I'd gamble. Evidently it
   goes for a bit on Ebay...

and lastly:

V/A - Slave to the Power, The Iron Maiden Tribute. 2000. Meteor City.
   What? ANOTHER Iron Maiden tribute???!?!?!?! Evidently. I think
   I have 6 of the damned things. This one, in addition to being
   a good value (2 CDs for $13), has an interesting selection of

Disc 1
 1. Another Life - Solace
 2. Children of the Damned - Sebastian Bach
 3. Remember Tomorrow - Crowbar
 4. Wrathchild - Archie Bunker with John Perez
 5. Powerslave - Dofka
 6. Moonchild - Shallow
 7. Total Eclipse - Warhorse & Friends
 8. Flight of Icarus - Ian Parry and Kamelot
 9. The Trooper - Holy Mother
10. Aces High - Electric Frankenstein
11. Purgatory - Wardog
12. The Evil That Men Do - Conquest
13. Alexander the Great - Eleventh Hour

Disc 2
 1. Running Free - Iron Savior
 2. The Number of the Beast - Tchort
 3. Stranger in a Strange Land - Error 7
 4. Invaders - Rotors to Rust
 5. Murders in the Rue Morgue - Cosmosquad with Ray Alder
 6. The Trooper - Hoyry-kone
 7. Wasted Years - Fates Prophecy
 8. Innocent Exile - Eternal Elysium
 9. Revelations - Pharaoh
10. The Prisoner - Las Cruces
11. Where Eagles Dare - The Quill
12. The Prophecy - Solstice
13. Run to the Hills - John West with Chris Caffery

That's all for now. Until next time...


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