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The Scrounger's Report

Feb. 14, 2001

The Scrounger's Report, v.33

Ducked out of work early today (payday, therefore CD hunting day),
and hit a couple of places, but only one really resulted in any
discs of note. The most annoying thing about this place (Hastings,
it may be a nationwide chain, or perhaps just in the midwest) is
not only can you not preview used discs, but they have them
sealed up, so you can't even open them up to check the liner
notes! (They used to only tape the discs shut in one place so you
could open the cases by popping the cover off, but they've gotten
wise, and they now tape the discs shut on all 4 sides, the side
effect being that since they use special heavy-duty tapes, the
jewel cases are fucked 90% of the time....EXTREMELY annoying).
The net result is that if one wants to buy there, one gambles.
Being a cheapskate, I only gamble on cheap discs; once it hits
about $6 or so, I want a sure thing.

First, a couple of CD singles:

Electric Boys - Mary in the Mystery World. 19??. ATCO Records. Promo.
   Pirate Edit, Nasty Edit, LP version.

Asphalt Ballet - Unlucky Mr. Lucky. 1992. Virgin Records. Promo.
   LP version of title cut, plus an unreleased track:
   Rain on the Scarecrow.

Steelheart - Mama Don't You Cry. 1992. MCA Records. Promo.
   3 different remixes/edits of the title cut.

Kingdom Come - Who Do You Love. 1989. Polygram Records. Promo.
   Just the title cut, but it comes in a neat die-cut red
   cardboard sleeve.

Soul Kitchen - I Need it Bad. 1992. ???
   This is kinda weird. The front plate is simply typewritten:
   COMPANY: Giant Records
   ARTIST: Soul Kitchen
   SONG TITLE: I Need It Bad
   APPROVAL NEEDED BY 5/18/92 3:00 p.m.

   Then silkscreened on the CD is black simulated handwriting
   "Ref. Approved 5/18/92". This predates CDRs, so it's a pressed
   CD single. Bizarre.

Now the full-length discs:

Mortification - Live Without Fear. 1996. Rowe Productions (Australia).
   10-track live performance. I'm getting closer to completing
   their discography

Intense Records - An Intense History of Christian Metal. 1992. Intense.
   Pretty decent looking collection of Xian metal:
    1. Tourniquet - You Get What You Pray For
    2. Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare
    3. Vengeance Rising - Mulligan's Stew
    4. Magdallan - Dome of the Rock
    5. Sacred Warrior - Obsessions
    6. Angelica - Cover Me
    7. Ransom - Exit (Euthanasia)
    8. Mortification - Journey of Reconciliation
    9. Deliverance - Victory
   10. Mortal - If Ever Maria
   11. Randy Rose - Black Harvest
   12. Bloodgood - Battle of the Flesh
   13. Tourniquet - Psycho Surgery
   14. Shout - Give Me an Answer
   15. Vengeance Rising - Before the Time
   16. Lanny Cordola - Angry Candy

Soundtrack - Over the Top. 1987. Columbia/CBS Records.
   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It's about time I picked this one
   up... some decent tracks on it:
    1. Sammy Hagar - Winner Takes it All
    2. Robin Zander - In This Country
    3. Larry Greene - Take it Higher
    4. Big Trouble - All I Need Is You
    5. Frank Stallone - Bad Nite
    6. Kenny Loggins - Meet Me Half Way
    7. Asia - Gypsy Soul
    8. Giorgio Moroder - The Flight
    9. Larry Greene - Mind Over Matter
   10. Eddie Money - I Will Be Strong

Bad Boys Blue - Game of Love. 1990. Coconut Records (Germany).
   Yes, I like this '80s dance pop, so sue me...

and a couple of *seriously* minor label efforts:

Synapse - Sword of Truth. 1990. Antares Records.
   Hard rock with a bit of a sleaze edge. Appears to be a
   Christian band. Never heard of 'em...

Blind Gypsy - Never Coming Home. 1994. Top Priority Management.
   Hard rock band, either out of North Carolina or West Virginia.
   Humorous in that this is autographed by 3 of the band
   members, to someone named "Amy", and the lead vocalist
   signs it "Thanks for the great sex"...*chuckle* Considering
   I found this in a pawn shop, evidently she's not as big a
   fan as she used to be...

and lastly the quasi-"find" of the day:

John Waite - Ignition. 1982. Chrysalis Records.
   First one of these I've seen. Seems to go for $20-50 on Ebay,
   so I guess it was a steal at $3.99. Some pretty good stuff
   on it too...

That's all for now,


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