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The Scrounger's Report

Oct. 19, 2001

My Sentinel Steel order.

Showed up this afternoon. If this order is any indication, I've
found a new place to spend entirely too much money. Everything
was as advertised. A few comments:

They've really expanded their operation. As of a year and a half
ago they didn't even have a web site. Their inventory contains
all sorts of obscure goodies now. And the prices are pretty darned
good to boot.

Gardian - Voyager and Fusion. It's an M8 disc, and as with many
of the albums they've dug out from beneath rocks the sound quality
isn't the greatest at times, *BUT* if like me you're a fan of
"First Watch" Guardian as opposed to the Jamie Rowe stuff, this
will be a must-have.

Deliverance - Greetings of Death. Haven't listened yet, but it's
another M8 disc, so it might bite or it might be stellar.

Pariah - The Kindred. Excellent technical thrash! I love "The Rope".

Steel Prophet - Into the Void. Pretty good schtuff. Reading the
liner notes, it's apparent the band was considerably fucked during
this time period...

Loudness - Disillusion (Japanese Version). Oh boy I could go
broke filling out my Loudness collection here. Brand new sealed
copy with OBI for $16? Most of the discography they have is that
price range. As a matter of fact, anyone collecting Japanese
metal bands owes themselves a look at this URL:


A pretty darned comprehensive inventory at quite reasonable
prices, IMO.

Artch - For the Sake of Mankind (2 CD)
Artch - Another Return to Church Hill (2 CD)
Haven't listened yet, but they look cool as hell. Pathetically,
the U.S. Metal Blade site doesn't even list anything about
these reissues. Then again, the U.S. site is pretty weak across
the board. Go to www.metalblade.de instead.

My freebie for having an order over $80 was the Pretty Maids
shaped 5-track hits EP from 1999. A cool piece for us completists.
Also included for bathroom reading were a copy of the b&w Powermad
2001 magazine and "Guitar 2001" magazine, as well as a sampler CD
"Transcending the Mundane Issue #16". Call me silly, but I like
a place that throws in free shit...


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