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The Scrounger's Report

Jul. 03, 2003

The Hotter Than Hell Scrounger's Report

Taking some time off this week; it's a holiday weekend, so might as well extend
it. Time off means an obligatory scrounging trip. :) I headed back to Lafayette,
IN, home of the Purdue Chickens, err.. Boilermakers. Of course the temperature
would have to be in the mid 90s, and the store I spent the most time in didn't
have functional air conditioning. Not pleasant. Sticky.

I found as much stuff for my trade list as I did keepers. Probably a good thing,
since my trade pile was getting mighty weak.

The following are available for trade:

Mitch Malloy - S/T. 1992. BMG/RCA Records (Cutout).
IMHO, his best.

Electric Love Hogs - S/T. 1992. London Records.
Quasi-psychedelic hard rock.

Quantum Fuzz - Mind Matter. 1992. Djinnsongs. Slightly scuffed.
Interesting local material from Lafayette. Slightly proggy, but imagine if Geoff
Tate (Queensryche) were to sing slightly glammy hard rock. Difficult to
describe, definitely obscure.

The Law - S/T. 1991. Atlantic Records.
Mint copy of Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) side project.

Soul Kitchen - S/T. 1992. Giant Records. Cutout.
Criminally underrated (or more accurately - unknown) hard rock effort.

Skrapp Mettle - Sensitive. 1991. PAR Records.
Very humorous tongue-in-cheek jab at the music industry. Although none of the
musicians are listed by their real names, all the lead vocals are done by Jeff
Scott Soto. A must-have that's fairly tough to find.

Orion the Hunter - S/T. 1995 (1984). Razor & Tie.
This son of a gun is getting tough to find! Mandatory for any self-respecting
Boston fan. This one still has the original promo sticker on the jewel case "The
Smash Album From BOSTON's Lead Guitarist BARRY GOUDREAU".

Yesterday and Today - S/T. 1992 (1976). Mondo Records.
Tough find! Y&T's first album, and this one is in gem mint condition.

Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (Gold CD Video). 1988. Mercury Records.
Well, I now have 2 extra CDVs for trade. If you don't know what a CDV is (no,
not a VCD), you can read about them at my CDV page:
http://www.heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/cdv.cgi . These are quite tough to find,
but those who collect them are fairly rabid about them (I know I am :). This one
has someone's initials in black sharpie on the clear inner ring of the disc.

And here are the keepers:

Soul Asylum - Hang Time. 1988. A&M Records.
Not normally my thing, but I figured I should flesh out my collection a bit...
plus it was cheap.

T'Pau - The Promise. 1991. Siren Records.
What can I say, I've always liked this particular blend of pop.

Hat Trikk - I'll Be Good to Your Daughter. 2001. Self-Released.
Relatively primitvely produced "bawr rawk" from Indiana. Completist fodder for
the indie collector.

Rossington Band - Love Your Man. 1988. MCA Records.
Female fronted southern rock (Gary Rossington's wife does the lead vox). Not too
shabby actually.

Stonewall-Weekend - S/T. 1990. America International Records.
Oddball local hard rock, kinda weird actually.

Paul Pope, Robbie Rist, and the Tower of Light Beer Rhythm Section - Life After
Stacy (single). 1988. Burbank Records.
This is a 2-track single. I popped it in at the store and was immediately
enamored with the AOR played here. So when I got home I decided to do a search,
and lo and behold there's a bigger story here: Robbie Rist is probably best
known as "Cousin Oliver" from the Brady Bunch television series. Who knew he
became a musician??? It turns out that the full-length CD is actually available
from Paul Pope. I just ordered one, and if the rest of it is as good as these 2
tracks are, it's a hidden AOR gem...

Idle Tears - S/T. 1986. MCA Records.
Very tough!! Female-fronted pop/AOR. Fairly melodic stuff.

and the find of the day:

Whitesnake - 1978-1982. 1992. Polydor (Japan).
A four-CD boxed set covering those years: Disc 1 is "Snakebite" (8 tracks), Disc
2 is "Hard Rock/Rock 'n Roll" (16 tracks), Disc 3 is "Ballad/Blues/Rhythm &
Blues" (14 tracks), and Disc 4 is "Live" (11 tracks). The box itself is very
attractive, silver printed on black. There doesn't appear to be anything that
wasn't available on the actual releases of that time period (although the CD
"Trouble" alone will set you back $20-40 if you can find it). Still a nice
compilation for us completist freaks...

Well, that's it for today. See y'all next time.


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